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Masterpiece Rasengan by ResHumanae Masterpiece Rasengan by ResHumanae
*Full view* or I will hunt you down and destroy you. No really, days and days of effort were put into this.

You thought you would be safe now that you found the exit, but you made a mistake. You assumed I had patience. From the darkness appears a kagebunshin who starts sending pulses of chakra in my palm. The rasengan appears. You are fucked..

Finished.. Ok so I DID have patience.. Else this work would not have turned out like this..
Damn.. Started working on this piece since this 06.00 this morning but there were 2 previous versions of this drawing, but I ended up redoing the largest part. The composition and figures were already there, but the there isn't a single pixel that I didnt repaint today. This actually started out as something I made out of boredom.

Previous versions:
(hope the links work)


The floor was done with a texture of a picture I took off an wall.

Sigh, I must have worked about 3 full days something on this piece (spread over a week). Sometimes I could not stomach looking at it so I would take alot of breaks. I mirrored the image alot to get a 'fresh' look at the composition and colourbalances. I've spend alot of time trying to perfect the balance of the picture. Right now it's a bit off but that's on purpose. That way you have to look to the drawing longer.
While working on this one last night I already started a scrap for a possible new work of this caliber.
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this i saw it on nl(naruto lounge)
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November 29, 2007
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